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Residential Property for Sale in Corozal Belize

Lot prices starting at $12,500 per lot.

We challenge you to compare Serenity Paradise to other Belize subdivisions and compare what you are getting for your money.

  • Serenity Bay is closer to the Ocean (Bay) than most houses for sale in Corozal.
  • Serenity Paradise has electrical power; many subdivisions may not.
  • Serenity Paradise is close to the Township of Corozal, where about 10,000 people live. Approximately 900 are from the USA and Canada.
  • Serenity Paradise Subdivision has green space for its homeowners.
  • Serenity Paradise lots have been cleared of underbrush―a savings of about $600 per lot.
  • Serenity Paradise lots are larger compared to many other subdivisions in the area.
  • Owning property in Belize either for investment or retirement helps to spread out your risk in these trying times.
  • Serenity Paradise lots are for sale, starting at $12,500 per lot.

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Serenity Paradise Belize, Ltd
Corozal, Belize, Central America

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From USA:
Serenity Bay is closer to the Ocean (bay):
The bay is only 1/3 of a mile from the front entrance of Serenity Paradise Subdivision. We are much closer to the water than other subdivisions in the area.

Serenity Bay has electrical power:
Many properties in Belize don’t have electrical power - Serenity Paradise Belize has electrical power for your convenience in moving to Belize.

Serenity Paradise is close to the Township of Corozal:
Serenity Paradise subdivision is approximately 3.3 miles from the town of Corozal, where you will find delightful shopping including the farmers market, bakery, restaurants, and banking.

Serenity Paradise green space:
Ten percent of the subdivision has green space for the homeowners’ enjoyment and to help the environment.

Serenity Paradise lots have been cleared of underbrush:
When buying in Belize you are expected to clear your lot to build your home. When you purchase a lot in Serenity Paradise, you’ll find we have removed most of the underbrush. We kept the palm trees for shade and to preserve the charm of the Caribbean for all to enjoy. This is a $600 savings you will not have to consider when you begin construction to retire in Belize.
Residential Lots in Belize
Serenity Paradise lots are larger compared to many other subdivisions in the area:
Our lots start at approximately one third of a acre or 100 feet wide times 150 deep―15,000 square feet. Square footage will vary slightly depending on the lot you wish to purchase. Please refer to the subdivision plan above.

Starting price is $12,500 for one third acre lot.
Our larger lots starting price is $19,500 for over one-half acre lot.

Other fact that you need to know:
Serenity Paradise Titles: Ownership will be conveyed in Absolute Fee Simple Title which is the best title that can be conveyed.

Loans On Your Lot: It is our understanding that you can get a loan on your lots at Atlantic Bank in Corozal if you qualify. We will make the introduction to the bank for you and it is between you and the bank to work it out.

Remember our motto…..Belize could change your life. Live life…live Belize.
We are offering a special bonus to our purchasers especially if you are looking for a larger lot. All you have to do is purchase two lots together (see our plat) and you will automatically get a 5% reduction on the price of both lots plus you will get a lot approximately 2/3 of an acre or up. Please call us for details.