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Welcome to Serenity Paradise Belize

We at Serenity Paradise Belize are developers of residential lots in Northern Belize with a starting Price of $12,500 USD per lot including electrical power. The subdivision is only 1,800 feet to Corozal Bay.

During a delightful visit to Belize in 2012, we noticed many retired Americans and Canadians—as well as a few Europeans—are making quaint Corozal their home for retirement or buying land and lots for their future. The gentle ocean breeze is refreshing and life is easy. Much of the food is grown locally by the Mennonite community and it is delicious, healthy, unprocessed, and additive-free.

Belize is on “Belize time.” That means it is a stress-free zone and no one is in a hurry. The locals are satisfied with the less controlling government regulations. Of all the countries in Central and South America, Belize is one of two with English as their national language. This made it easy to talk with local residents on our trip. We found them to be very friendly and hospitable.

If you are looking for sanity in a world of increasing uncertainty, we encourage you to send us an email and let us tell you more about Belize and the township of Corozal. The country is an undiscovered gem, beckoning you to relax and enjoy life. Belize, being close to the US, is only about a three hour flight from Atlanta to the international airport in Belize.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions:

Serenity Paradise Belize, Ltd
Corozal, Belize
Central America

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